We help you become a $100,000 funded trader in less than 15 days.

What is RiskGuard?

RiskGuard is an AI bot designed to help you secure funding from It buys and sells stocks on the FTMO platform to assist you in passing their $100,000 funding challenge. What sets it apart? A stellar 95% success rate.

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How it works?

RiskGuard's bot utilizes advanced risk management techniques to help you achieve a 15% return in less than 15 trading days. Once this milestone is reached, FTMO will grant you $100,000 in funding. While we cannot guarantee success, rest assured, we're dedicated to maximizing your chances in securing the $100,000 on the first attempt.

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Why choose RiskGuard?

At the heart of our service lies unparalleled value for our clients. Imagine this: with just a $95 investment in our bot, you can potentially earn $15,000 on a $100,000 FTMO account. That's a staggering return of 157 times your initial investment! What sets us apart is not just the exceptional returns, but also the simplicity of our setup process. It's so easy that anyone can do it.

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No previous knowledge required.

  • Step 1. Order RiskGuard

    Gain access to RiskGuard's bot by ordering it online.

  • Step 2. Download Bot

    You will receive step-by-step instructions in your email on how to set up RiskGuard.

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    Enter the details of your FTMO account and see how our bot trades automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is RiskGuard?

RiskGuard is a sophisticated trading bot designed to generate profits in any market condition. You don't need to know anything about trading to use it. It operates automatically at your command on both Windows and MacOS.

How does RiskGuard work?

RiskGuard leverages artificial intelligence to trade the top 500 US stocks. It automatically analyzes various market trends and executes trades when it identifies a buy or sell opportunity. You don't need to handle any trading yourself—our bot manages it all for you.

How easy is it to use RiskGuard?

RiskGuard is designed with user-friendliness in mind. With our detailed instructions and support, you can start using RiskGuard effectively, even if you are new to trading. No previous knowledge is required.

How much can I make with RiskGuard?

Our goal is to help you secure funding on FTMO in less than 15 days by generating a 15% return under specific FTMO constraints. While it's crucial to acknowledge that all investments involve risks and these outcomes are not certain, rest assured that we're fully committed to enhancing your chances of winning the $100,000 funding challenge on your initial attempt.